Photo by Calum Macleod

Nicholas Harrington is an artist and jeweller.

His work is a meditation on geometry and craft, guided by principles of Modernism, Zen and Alchemy. 
His love for creating jewellery comes from an enjoyment of both designing and making: it is a process of rearranging materials, which have been in the earth for millions of years and will be here long after us. He works mostly with recycled silver, a metal that continually delights and fascinates him. 

He gained a Higher National Diploma in Jewellery Design at the City of Glasgow College and an Honours Degree and Diploma in Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, where he was awarded a travelling scholarship to research the work of Eileen Gray and Charlotte Perriand. He has since worked on a number of building projects under Robin Webster.

In 2010 he became Alasdair Gray’s assistant and worked closely with him until his death in 2019, producing many paintings and book illustrations as well as public murals. Since 2013 he has also worked under Richard Wright and has travelled internationally with him, completing large installations of gold and silver leaf.

He lives in Vienna.